Introduction to Ignia Framework

Do your applications need something special?


With the web templates Ignia Framework.
you will never have to develop an application from scratch.
Select within universe of templates the one.
that best suits you needs, make customizations.
that you and your client require and in seconds your.
base application will be ready.
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A combination of design and functionality.
that facilitates the development of applications mobile,.
combining appearance and feeling with the use of.
common controls for mobile environment.
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Simplifica Software is the leader in the.
development of the extensibility for GeneXus. Ignia.
Framework includes user controls, external objects.
and extensions that will allow you extend the.
functionality of GeneXus in your web y mobile.
Increase your productivity even more.
applying the already known and tested.
in the GeneXus community, Pattern Work With.
Offering integration and adaptation necessary.
to the selected Web Template.
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