The first development framework applied to a productivity tool.

It is a totally new way of approaching a software project, achieving productivity never before seen.


The need for productivity in the development of systems is latent throughout the word. From the small software factories to the largest ones, today they are search of the desired productivity.
In this context are two competing lines: on the one hand, tools that accelerate development (such as GeneXus) and, on the other hand, development frameworks that are set of tools, methodology and pre armed modules that facilitate the task of developing systems.

Two great schools that compete to prove they are better without a clear winner. Ignia is a concept that unites both methodologies, it is the first development framework applied to a productivity tool. In this case a framework on GeneXus.


GeneXus + Patterns = GeneXus 2

GeneXus + Ignia Framework = GeneXus 3

We incorporate an ecological environment within the GeneXus community, presenting a tool for improving the productivity and quality of our developments, and complementary to existing tools, widely used by community. Especially those based on the WorkWith patterns.



Ignia Framework is a commercial product of Simplifica Software, a company specialized in the development of critical mission systems under GeneXus technology.


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