The Ignia Framework product is licensed for each job (IDE GeneXus) using the GeneXus licensing system, which allows both the management of the license locally and centralized in the GeneXus license server.
In case of using a GeneXus license server, the license will be available for all the jobs that use that server, being the same one taken by the first developer that performs an action with Ignia and the same one being taken until the GeneXus IDE is closed.
The downloads of extensibility artifacts within the Ignia Framework (included within the product) require authentication of the Ignia Framework under the credentials of GeneXus Account. Therefore, these downloads will be nominated.
Simplifica Software reserves the right to increase controls and license checks to avoid incorrect uses of the same.


The maintenance has an annual validity and includes the right to:

  • Support via email or remote desktop / call (Skype or similar) if necessary.
  • Access to new versions of the product during this period. Correction of operating errors without charge.
  • Correction of operating errors without charge.

When acquiring a license from Ignia Framework, it is for life, with the purchase of the license includes maintenance (support and updates) for one year.

The maintenance is renewed annually automatically unless the buyer announces 60 days prior to expiration the decision not to continue with it. At the expiration date, the customer must pay the maintenance service to the Distributor.

Maintenance is priced at 20% of the list value of the total number of licenses purchased (discounts are not considered at the time of purchase).

In case of not renewing the maintenance, the return of the same will be affected by the payment of 40% of the list value of the total of the purchased licenses.

Depending on the conditions agreed upon with each Distributor, the Level 1 support may be provided by said Distributor or directly by Simplifica Software.

In countries where the lease option is available, it includes Support and it is not necessary to count it separately. Maintenance / support cost is not included as long as the lease is up to date.