Introduction to Design Systems for Smart Devices

What if you already had your graphical interface resolved?




Relax, your mobile application is almost ready!




Currently our users expect that the development applications contemplate not only the functional needs of the users, they also require to have  a pleasant, intuitive and clear interface. 

Designing screens for mobile devices requires specific knowledge, dedication and above all, a lot of back and forth with the client or end user. 

We know how to develop in GeneXus but....Do we know how to design attractive, easy to use screens that contemplate different sizes and devices?

To simplify this task we create Design Systems for Smart Devices, they are templates divided by style or business area where you will find the necessary screen for your application already developed, 100% in GeneXus, you can modify them to your liking or simply take them as guide to learn how to perform complex interfaces.


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