Description of Control

Control that allows you to take pictures using the device's webcam.



Using the control 

Open Extensibility Catalog, and go to the WEB section through the left side menu. 
Select the WebCamera control. Follow the steps of the Wizard

Drag the control to the Form, when adding the control an example of use is loaded in the WebCameraExample panel.

In execution the control displays a box where the video of the webcam is shown, by way of preview, allows the user to apply different filters on the image, capture it (button "Take Photo"), and save it .


When the user selects the "Record"option, the user control triggers the OnShot event implemented in the webpanel.

In the Data field, the image is received in a base 64 string, which can be loaded in a blob type variable,

The following example shows how to load the variable &PictureBlob, with the image captured by the control, then a procedure is called, which saves the image in the database, the code corresponds to the example that is imported when the control is added.

Event WebCamera1.OnShot
    &string = WebCamera1.Data


Property Description
Live Preview Widht Width of the preview box that  is currently running
Live Preview Height Height of the preview box that is currently running
Cropped Size Width/Height Original width and height of the capture area
Image Format The format with which the captured image is returned (jpg o png)


It is possible that when loading the page the browser asks for permission to access the webcam.

By selecting the crop option (the dotted white border rectangle), you can limit the capture area,


It is possible to apply different filters to the image before capturing it, tone, brightness and saturation.