Design Systems for Web

We introduce you to a new member of your team, the expert in graphic interfaces: Ignia Framework



With the Design Systems for Web of Ignia Framework you will never have to start developing an application from scratch.Select within the universe of templates the one that best suits your needs, make the customizations that you and your client require and in seconds your base application will be ready.




Design System for eCommerce sites.
100% Responsive, 100% GeneXus.

Do you have your management system? Offer your client the development of their website to the public.

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¿Starting a new management system?
AdminLTE is your Design System.

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Success story about of Easy (example screenshot)


Cool and ultra minimalist design with responsive menu only in the upper bar.

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Success story about of Conaprole (example screenshot)


For light management applications, with a responsive menu on the top and on the left.

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