Success story - Conaprole: Sustainable Tambo

Conaprole is the main Uruguayan dairy company, founded in 1936,awarded as the leading Latin American exporter, has taken its products to many countries in the word including, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen. 



CONAPROLE exports its products to a total of 53 countries and aims increasingly al the growth of its exports. It is the largest private company in Uruguay. Its turnover is close to US$ 1.000 million and it is the largest dairy exporter not only in Uruguay but also in Latin America. It is a very representative brand for Uruguayans of the word who consume some their products. 

Is processes about 1.300 million liters of milk per a day, 90% of which go to the external market. This milk is sent by more than 2.000 medium and small producers who are the owners of the cooperative. I has 1750 affective officials and about 200 workers.


Effluent Management System

Under the line of Sustainable Tambo Conaprole with the support of IDB / MIF support the dairy establishments in improving their effluents. Simply enrolling in the program will have access to an auditor who in person will advise on the best practices and improvements to be made to improve effluent management as well as comply 100% with the current law.

The technological platform of said program was made using the Ignia Framework, which allowed the development of a GeneXus system 100% responsive, attractive and easy to use.

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