Description of the control 

It allows to digitize the client's signature, saving it in image format. After installing the User Control, it is applied to a variable (or attribute) of type Image. In the properties of the variable you must assign the Control Type property with “SDHandWriting”.



Using the control

Open Extensibility Catalog, and go to the SD section through the left side menu. 
Select the SDHandWritting control. Follow the steps of the Wizard. 
Create an SDPanel, to which you must add a variable of type image.
Assign your Control Type in 'SDHandWriting'. 


Drag the variable to the SDPanel form. 



The control has an event called restartControl: used to take the control to the initial state, it can be used when you want to redo the signature.

Event 'onClick'

Add a button you want to assign this event. Execute. 




  • Show Guide : Shows a line as a guide to make the signature, by default this property is true. 
  • In the Startup Object it’s necessary to set the value of the Multidex Build property to True. This enables building app's with over the limit of 64k methods, which can be reached easily when using many third party extensions.