Uploadify - Events, Methods and Properties
  • Input
    • Multi
      Indicates if you want to allow the multiple selection (False by default).
    • AutomaticUpload
      Automatically upload files as they are added to the queue. If false, you need to call the Start method to start the upload (True by default).
    • ButtonText
      The text that appears on the default button.
    • ButtonImage
      The URL to an image you would like to use as the browse button.
    • SizeLimit
      The size limit in kilobytes for each file upload (Default 5120 kB).
      This validation is performed in client side, before send some data to server.
    • SimultaneousUploadLimit
      The limit of uploads that can run simultaneously per Uploadify instance (Default 1).
    • File-type filtering
      The following properties are used together. The properties "FileDescription" and "FileExtension" indicate if you want to filter by a especific file type, for example, Excel document, images, etc.
      In this example the property "FileDescription" has the "Images" value and the property "FileExtension" has "*.jpg" (it also supports a collection of types, example: *.jpg;*.png;*.jpeg;*.gif;*.bmp). From version 3.5.0 we added the variable & fileExtensionList, associated to the FileExtension property:
      Event Start 
      • FileExtension
        A list of file extensions that are allowed for upload.
      • FileDescription (Only Flash version)
        The text that will appear in the file type drop down at the bottom of the browse dialog box.
    • UploadScript (advanced)
      The path to the back-end script that will process the file uploads. No necessary include a value in this property. Useful for use another server as Uploads handler or if required a special URL for accessing to the resource upload.aspx /upload servlet.
  • Media Capture (Only for mobile browsers - Only for Uploadify HTML5)
    • Allow Capture Camera
    • Allow Capture Video
    • Allow Capture Audio
    • Allow Image Selection
    • Allow Video Selection
    • Allow Audio Selection
  • Output
    • UploadedFiles
      In this property you will have the information of each uploaded file, if you uploaded only one file there will be only one record.
    • QueuedFiles
      In this property you will have the information of each selected file and not yet uploaded. as the files are finalized the upload, they are removed from this list.
    • Error (runtime only)
      When a error occurs, in this property you will have a text explaining what happened.
    • File (runtime only)
      This is a temporal File, when a upload triggered error, in this property you will find the file that triggered. When you select a file (when OnSelect is triggered), when user cancel an upload file.
      This property return a UploadifyOutput (SDT included) datatype.
  • OnComplete
    Triggers once for each file upload that is completed.
  • OnAllComplete
    Triggers once when all files in the queue have finished uploading.
  • OnError
    Triggers when an error is returned for a file upload.
    In the "Error" property you will have a text explaining what happened and in the "File" property you will find the File information.
  • OnCancel
    Triggers once for each file canceled by user (for each file that is removed from the queue).
  • OnSelect
    Triggers once for each file selected by user (for each file that is added to the queue).
    In the "File" property you will find the File information.
    In QueuedFiles you will find all the queued files (selected but not uploaded yet).
  • OnSelectOnce
    Triggers once each time a file or group of files is added to the queue (useful when Multi selection is activated).
  • Refresh
    Refresh the options for an Uploadify instance (usefull to change SizeLimit at runtime, or for example the image of the button).
  • Start
    Trigger the file upload. When you use AutomaticUpload in false, this method is responsible for to start uploading files.
  • Clean
    This method clear the Quequed Files, the Uploaded files, the last Error and File instanciated,
  • When selecting a new file to upload, UploadedFiles property is emptied automatically.
  • None of the events that triggered by this control are required, use only those that fit your needs.
  • The variable "File" will be created automatically when you drag the control to the form.
  • The File Datatype (called UploadifyOutput) have the followings members:
    • OriginalFileName
      The original name of the uploaded file.
    • TemporalFileName
      The temporal full name (with path) of the uploaded file.
    • FileSize
      The size in bytes of the file.
    • FileType
      The file MIME type
    • CreationDate
      The date the file was created.
    • ModificationDate
      The last date the file was modified.
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