Succes story, Homeless Animals

Homeless Animals was created on November 16, 2003. It is a non-profit Uruguayan Civil Association composed exclusively of volunters. 

It has two fields, in one the dogs live and in the other the rest of the animals. There they stay while they wait for a definitive home all those who were picked up from the streets most of them run over, sick, old, blind, etc. These, now, are in perfect health conditions, live loose, and each has a place to sleep. They receive balanced food and the place is sanitized daily. They also have veterinary assistance, vaccines, medicines, male and female neutered etc. 

Car horses are also taken over, commandeered for maltreatment. They eat daily ration and bales, have veterinary assistance, males are castrated and females do not breed. They live naturally but under the care of people who watch over their welfare. Never again will they be used to work, much less be mistreated. 

Between dogs, cats and horses an average of 800 animals are kept.

ASH mobile app

The Homeless Animals app is the perfect place to start if you're thinking about adopting a dog or cat and without a doubt the first place to post if you've lost your best friend. 

Hundreds of users will be notified instantly that you post that your most loyal friend is lost. If you see a battered horse in the street, publish it using ASH so that the whole community can take action and help you! You can attach a photo and also the geographical location!. 

You can also share it on your Facebook or Twitter profile. Search through the publications of animals for adoption ... maybe you will find a special one to which you want to give a second chance!

Developed using the template for mobile devices called "O2" of Ignia Framework . Which provides a large set of pre-designed screens to facilitate the development of mobile applications with GeneXus.

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